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Changing Places PR

Changing Places PR

Find a HR Expert | Search for HR support services on demand

By using our network to find a HR expert for your job, you have access to talented individuals for free, bypassing expensive recruitment agencies and placement fees.  We can provide a range of HR, Recruitment, Training, Coaching and Leadership Development services on demand – project based, freelance or outsourced arrangement for small and medium businesses as well as large organisations.

Use our network to resource your next project,  deliver training, outsource HR, provide ad-hoc assistance or simply answer your HR questions.


Search our network to find an expert who meets your needs, we can then connect you to that person via email and you are then connected and free to discuss your job request.

Why choose us?

We are the only HR consulting network of its kind where you can access independent HR experts for free and obtain a proposal for HR support online.

  • Access the HR support you need on demand
  • Free preliminary consultation to find out if we are the right people to assist
  • Free and convenient way to tap into HR experts with expertise in array of areas as and when you need us
  • Ideal source for small businesses needing HR on demand under a pay as you go arrangement
  • Ideal source for established HR teams to locate additional HR resources to deliver projects, audits, training etc as required

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